Services during Lent 

 Friday, March 15th - Παρασκευή, 15 Μαρτίου 

Salutations to the Theotokos, 7:00 p.m. 

Α’ Στάσις Χαιρετισμοί, 7:00 μ.μ. 

Saturday, March 16th - Σάββατο, 16 Μαρτίου 

3rd Saturday of Souls - Orthros and Divine Liturgy, 8:15 a.m., 9:15 a.m.

Ψυχοσάββατον -   ́Ορθρος  και Θεία Λειτουργία, 8:15 π.μ.,  9:15 π.μ. 

Sunday, March 17th ,  Κυριακή 17 Μαρτίου 

1st Sunday of Lent,  Sunday of Orthodoxy, 8:15 a.m, 9:30 a.

Α’ Εβδομάδα Νηστειών, Κυριακή της Ορθοδοξίας, 8:15 π.μ., 9:30 π.μ.

Monday, March 18th,  Δευτέρα, 18 Μαρτίου 

Great Compline,  6:00 p.m.

Μέγα Απόδειπνον, 6:00 μ.μ.

Wednesday, March 20th  - Τέταρτη, 20 Μαρτίου 

Ninth Hour and Presanctified Liturgy  - 6:00 p.m. 

Η Ενάτη Ώρα και Θεία Λειτουργία Προηγιασμένων Δώρων  - 6:00 μ.μ. 

Book Club Discussion following Service 

Friday, March 22nd - Παρασκευή, 22 Μαρτίου 

Salutations to the Theotokos, 7:00 p.m. 

B’ Στάσις Χαιρετισμοί, 7:00 μ.μ. 

BOOK CLUB at St. George!  

Thank you to everyone! Our first discussion was fun and we will continue talking about our book next Wednesday after Presanctified Liturgy.

First book: The Sign of the Cross, by Andreas Andreopoulos

The book is available in print, download, and audio form from Amazon or other book sellers.  There will also be print copies available for purchase at St. George for $17.00.


Pan Orthodox Vespers - March 17, 2019


Religious Education Seminar - Divine Liturgy: A Refresher Course 


Our Ladies Educational Society are planning their delicious Shrimp Luncheon! Save the date! 

Anemos Hellenic Folkdance May 2019 Celebrations! 



A wonderful opportunity  for Young Adults to get involved is the Telos Project 

Welcome to Our Parish, Fr. Peter Sarolas

Fr. Peter was born in Chicago to Vasiliki and John Sarolas and grew up at St. Basil’s Greek Orthodox Church parish.

With the Blessings of His Eminence Metropolitan IAKOVOS of blessed memory, he entered Hellenic College in Brookline, MA in the fall of 1987 where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991. He then entered Holy Cross Seminary where he received a Masters of Divinity in 1994.

Fr. Peter married Maria Karantonis, also of Chicago, in November 2005. They have three sons, Yanni born in 2007, Vasili born in 2009, and Stefanos born in 2015.

Fr. Peter was ordained to the Diaconate by His Eminence Metropolitan IAKOVOS of blessed memory on January 1, 2007, the Feast Day of St. Basil and was ordained to the Holy Priesthood in May of 2007.  He served as the associate pastor of St. Demetrios church in Chicago from May of 2007 to February of 2014 and the community of Ss. Constantine and Helen, in Rockford, Illinois from February 2014 until December 31 of 2018.

On January 1, 2019 Fr. Peter was assigned by the Metropolis of Chicago to our parish.  

We welcome Fr. Peter, Presvytera Maria, Yanni, Vasili, and Stefanos to St. George Greek Orthodox Church.

Congratulations to our newly elected Parish Council for 2019! 

President: Paul Rentzelos 

Vice President: Owen Field 

Recording Secretary: Theodora Diolitsis

Corresponding Secretary: Penelope Antonopoulos 

Treasurer: Nick Pipikios 

Asst. Treasurer: Kimon Menegas 

Asst. Treasurer: George Maglares 

Parish Council Members: Jim Antonopoulos, Angelo C. Dalegeorge, Dean Diamantakos, Nick Floros, Louis Hiotis, Demetrios Karanikolas, Achilles Kornaros, George Lappas,  James Metropulos, Constantine Nicolozakes,  Eugenia Splinter, Evangelia Tsipas, Elias Voulgaris, Tasos Ziabaras


His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago


Capital Restoration and Renovation Brochure and Pledge Agreement




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